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Eliane Mayer is a young and curious self-taught aspiring visual artist. Through her work she demonstrates a keen eye for capturing interesting inspiring images and great attention to detail.

Eliane’s current work and pictures are based on aspects of her daily life and her surroundings: home, family, school, work, nature, animals, entertainment and special events such as independent music concerts, outdoor events and anything that she may come across while on her path of life.

Visual Arts is Eliane’s passion. Whether it’d be assisting a production, or producing her own independent photo and video shoots, either on a professional camera or even using more common technologies such as an iPhone, her normal habitat and environment is all based around her work.

Eliane is currently available for work and always open to hear about new opportunities and projects to expand her career. If you’d like to learn more or inquire about her work please visit her sites and stay connected through the following links:

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